She’s 15…

Young Emmy
lil’ cutie

How does this happen? How does the little girl who used to snuggle with her pilly and kick & scream (literally) when I dropped her off at daycare suddenly become an independent 15 year old young woman? How is it that I can vividly remember when she was born, and yet cannot quite seem to connect those dots of time that brought that little baby girl to the place where she is now? The pace of life these days seems unstoppable, and once again, I feel like slamming on the brakes and trying to make time come to a screeching halt, even if just for one day.

Emmy on the beach
Emmy in Mattapoisett

I want to be back at the beach, watching you collect, rinse and shine rocks.

I want to watch you ski for the first time again.

I want to read you books over and over again.

I want to experience that joy you felt when you were FINALLY  old enough to get on the bus like your brothers.

I want to see your face when you opened the door and saw Eddie holding Eloise as a puppy.

Cooking pancakes for the family, skating and then not skating, spearheading the path toward us getting Wilson, giving new things a chance…all of these moments in time are held deep in my heart.



Thanks for keeping us on our toes, for always pushing the envelope, for reminding us to be patient & a little less serious, and pointing out how we need work on our sense of humor every now & then.

Wishing you an amazing birthday & an incredible year, Em!




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