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When I looked at my calendar a couple of weeks ago and realized my mother’s 80th birthday fell on the same day as Father’s Day, I wondered how to honor both events in my blog. I considered writing an early Father’s Day post so that I could give Marge center stage on her birthday. However, the more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that a single post dedicated to my parents would work. They are, and always have been, a united front. After 56 years of marriage, it’s safe to say they have figured out how to excel at sharing. 

Marge: Happy Happy #80! For an old girl, you still have a lot of kick in your step and pep to your personality. You keep us entertained with your deep devotion to relentless communication. Always ready for a good chat, you go out of your way to make life fun. One of these days, we’ll have to try the interview thing one more time and see if we can make it through without dissolving into hysterical laughter. Mom – I am who I am because of you. You gave me license to explore baking at a young age and always supported me with the energy and enthusiasm of a small village. You have taught me the importance of family, generosity, humor, friendships and taking time to enjoy life. Thank you for your eternal belief in me and for telling me every single day, ‘trust me, you’re going to make it’. May the bingo goddess continue to smile on you, may your favorite child and his two siblings call you daily, and may you and Dad have many more years together filled with happiness & good health! I love you – xoxoxox

Dad:  It takes a very special person to be able to patiently explain business 101, over and over again, and silently hope your daughter will choose to listen instead of doodling pictures of cakes and flowers in her notebook. Can you believe we’ve been doing this thing for over ten years? I wouldn’t want to be in business with anyone else. Thank you for beginning all phone calls with ‘I love you & you’re not in trouble’, for knowing when I need a couple of exclamation points in an email, and for your commitment to helping me. I’m grateful that you see value in trading data analytics for cookies. 

I love both of you so much. You’ve been amazing parents and exceptional grandparents, loving and attentive to your human grandchildren as well as your four-legged granddogs. Wishing both of you the very best day today –




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