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what are you?

A couple of weeks ago, I did an in-store demo in New Jersey. I love doing demos because it’s an opportunity to leave the bakery, go for a road trip and meet new people. I never quite know what to expect and have experienced a wide range of interactions, almost all positive. Every exchange teaches me something new, whether it’s about the customer, their preferences, my products, the company or me as a human.

At this particular demo, a woman approached my table and said, ‘So. What are you?’ 

Well, this is going to be interesting. Um…I’m a human?

I could feel my eyebrows raising beyond the rim of my baseball hat as my brain tried to figure out what she wanted to know. My delayed reaction cued her to be more specific.

‘Are you organic? Are you local? Are you vegan? Are you nut-free?’

Ah. Ok. I’m with you now.  Bisousweet is a wholesale bakery where we make everything from scratch in small batches.

‘But…what ARE you? Are you non-GMO? Are you artisanal?’

Artisanal? Wince. Never liked that word.

Her questions stayed with me, and I began to wonder:

What is Bisousweet? 

We live in a world where most things fit neatly into a category. We rely on these categories to help us understand the product and whether we want to find out more about it or not. 

Standing on the other side of the table, unable to say yes to any of the categories she mentioned and wanting to belong, I began the process of trying to define Bisousweet’s category.

I woke up this morning thinking about it, and when I walked into the bakery, I realized I knew the answer:

Bisousweet is a company that cares. 

We care about everyone on Team Bisousweet. We are family.

We care about every detail involved with baking our sweets.

We care about our ingredients and strive to keep our labels as clean as possible while understanding that some classics need to remain untouched. What does this mean? It means that our chocolate whoopie pies are going to continue to be made with marshmallow creme until we are able to consistently make a clean version of Fluff.

(Which we’ve tried. Many times. Without success.)

We care deeply about our mission to spread Delicious Sweet Joy with our doughnut muffins, uniquely soft biscotti, cookies & more.

We care about how our products are packaged, and take the time for those extra steps that make a difference: tying each bag with ribbon or placing a small square of parchment paper between each lemon shortbread cookie so that the lemon glaze on each cookie remains as pristine as possible. 

Perhaps most importantly, we care about gratitude. We are grateful for the stores who choose to make space on their shelves for Bisousweet, for the customers who welcome us into their lives, and for having the opportunity to do something that fills us with joy.




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