Owning a business requires a lot of grit. There’s no way around it. And when you’re a solo owner, the grit-requirement factor increases by a math equation I have yet to master. 

If only ‘remembering phone numbers’ counted as math. I’d be golden. That’s about as far as my math skills go. Or more accurately, used to go. 

If you own a business, you have to figure out basic math. You have to learn skills that you never would have imagined would be relevant or necessary, including being able to use tools, having the patience to figure out why Phone Line #1 suddenly stopped working, and what to do when the air hose powering the depositor happens to get tangled.

More importantly, you have to learn how to lead. 

Fun fact: I write/type in a journal every day. Today is Day 203.

As I was writing this morning, I wrote these words: “I need to be the momentum”.

This is where grit kicks in, I said to myself.

I started to feel overwhelmed and depleted, wondering how a stressed-out sole business owner is supposed to have never-ending, deep reservoir of grit to keep everything moving forward.

Except, as I sit here typing this post, what I’m realizing is that I missed the entire point of what grit really is. Grit is like a grain of sugar. I just need to find that one little nugget of ‘we can do this‘ to fuel forward momentum. 

Want to know the good news? I’ve got a lot of sugar.

Dedicated to every single member of Team Bisousweet. 
Thank you for everything you do for the business and for me.




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