Amazing what can occur within 24 hours.

Viruses can spread.

Supermarket shelves can be decimated, wiped bare of items that only a week ago would typically collect dust (ie, powdered milk).

Schools can close. 

Major sporting events can be suspended or cancelled. 

Normal day to day life as we knew it just 24 short hours ago is suddenly replaced with today’s version of the ‘new’ normal.

With so much uncertainty right now, I wanted to share something my business coach introduced me to a couple of months ago. It’s called the GLAD technique. It’s intended to be used as a prompt for daily journaling. However, if you’re not into writing, please keep reading. GLAD can be used throughout the day to help you if/when you are struggling.

Here we go:

G – Gratitude 

I am grateful for journaling most days. 

L – Lesson Learned

I am learning how essential toilet paper (and a sense of humor) is when *shit* hits the fan.

A – Accomplishment

My accomplishment today is choosing to not click on every COVID-19 update.

D – Delight

I am delighted that one unexpected outcome of this week is that I have more time with two out of three children. I will be even more delighted when child #3 joins the rest of us in Boxborough.

Try this. Try to bring this in your conversations with others when you feel anxiety and fear crawling up the back of your neck. Try to think of it when your mental chatter gets the best of you. Share it with someone who could benefit from it. I’m curious to hear if thinking, writing or talking about things in this order changes anything for you.

Sending peace, good health and ♥ 


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