Holding on

I have been waiting for this moment all week long.

Friday night.


The end of a week filled with trying to remain calm, jaw clenched.

Unfortunately, the day and time doesn’t alter what’s unfolding around the world.

Viruses don’t take weekends off.

The question on auto-repeat in my mind is this: How are we supposed to act, to function, to ‘be’ given everything that is happening? Everything feels stilted. Stiff. 

My heart breaks over and over again as I think of the impossible situation of my colleagues in the restaurant/bar/cafe side of the food industry. I can easily put myself into their shoes as it feels like they are right next to mine. So close. Right there. 

I can feel the worry of everyone as if the air has become heavy, leaden. 

And yet…

We need to hold on.

But, hold onto what?

How can we find something stable and reliable when everything feels slippery, forever morphing into something we’ve never seen before?

What we need to hold onto is this:





We need to remember that now, more than ever, it’s necessary to acknowledge and rejoice in moments that no matter how fleeting they may feel, make your heart swell and bring a hint of a smile to your lips.

These are the things that brought joy to my life today:

Catching up with a fellow baker.

A brief conversation with our UPS driver, checking in on each other.

An email with my bike team.

Putting together a birthday present for one of our co-workers.

The people & four legged creatures in my life. 

Having a video conference call for United Way and seeing my father’s face on my computer.

Writing this post.

When it feels like there’s nothing to hold onto, look again. Squint your eyes, crouch down if necessary, whatever it takes.

Knowing you will find something gives you the will to look in the first place.

Believing is all you need.

Sending love and hope your way. 


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