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Happy 10th Anniversary to The Main Course Market

The Main Course Logo

There’s a small strip mall on Washington Street in Canton, MA. Actually, there are a lot of strip malls on this road, but there’s one store in particular that you need to find. It’s called The Main Course Market, and it’s located at 11 Washington Street. The front of the store looks like many other stores, but do not be fooled by appearances. Trust me. You want to walk through that door.


The Main Course is a small gourmet market that sells prepared foods, amazing cuts of beef, fish, wine, cheese, crackers, desserts, and all of the accouterments necessary for exceptional, memorable meals and gifts. The success of this tiny store most likely is due to the incredibly helpful people that work there, the delicious food, and the dedication everyone who works there has for outstanding food and wine. This is their 10th year in business, and they are celebrating this milestone all month by offering sales on various items in their store.

If you insist…

Bob, the owner of The Main Course, found me when I was still Babycakes and the business was still located in Stow. It was clear from our first meeting that he was nice, he was smart, he was passionate about his business, he had a good sense of humor and that working with him was going to be easy and casual. After having done two or three demos in his store and had the chance to watch him in action with his ‘regulars’ at the shop, my first impressions were confirmed. The man can talk and he knows his wines.

roast beef
Just like my mom never made…

For anyone who is looking for a reason to check out Canton, you now have one. You will not be disappointed.

Happy 10th Anniversary and congratulations for all that you have accomplished! And thanks for the shout out in your newsletter. We’re proud to be a small part of your success!

It’s been a pleasure working with you & we wish you all our best –


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