Happy Boss Day 2015!

Boss Lady
Boss Lady


It’s funny how National Boss Day just creeps up on us every year. Not given nearly the headline space it deserves, National Boss Day (in my humble opinion) should at the very least come with a shelf or two of specially packaged candy and an aisle marker pointing to National Boss Day cards.

I looked back to see what I wrote last year about National Boss Day, and it definitely made me chuckle. If your boss is nice and lets you waste time at your computer, you can read the post here. It was a letter I wrote to myself, pointing out all of my best features. In honor of that, I think it’s time I update that letter a bit.

Dear Boss Lady:

Wow! So much has happened since last year! Let’s see…where to start?

First of all, I am so grateful that we get to make & package biscotti, like, almost every day! Nothing makes me happier than making 14 batches of biscotti or tying ribbons on 21,600 bags of biscotti. Thank you so much for buying that amazing ribbon cutter. Don’t worry…I’m sure that piece will arrive any day from China and we can hopefully get that bad boy up & running again. No…really.  It was such a terrific purchase. In the meantime, I love that you have so many different options of scissors we can use here to cut 21,600 pieces of ribbon. At an angle. All the same length please. Ok…you can show me how to do it again.

Thank you also for being such an organized planner. There’s nothing better than knowing ahead of time what I’m going to do when I show up to work. I don’t mind switching gears at all. Nope. Not at all. It’s ok that I cubed 14 trays of butter, only to see you remove scones and streusel from the production list. It’s cool…I can roll with you.

I am so proud of how many Linzer Hearts are selling these days! Wow Boss! Way to be a seller! I feel so much better now that we have multiple heart cutters and piping tips. Phew! I was getting nervous that maybe ALL OF US wouldn’t be able to pipe hearts. At least we know the raspberry jam isn’t going to turn into a hot mess in the oven, ruining all of our hard work. Such a relief.

New hairnets? Sure! Bring on the bouffants in 4 different sizes.

New aprons? No pockets? Really???  Now you’re pissing me off.

Oh.  Sorry.  (sheepish grin) I forgot what day it is.

Thanks for cooking lunch for us. That, um, ‘dish’ was really…creative???

I think it’s awesome that you hoard quarters so you can buy Diet Ginger ale, your new, healthy version of Diet Coke. I think it’s really quite normal to walk into a boss’ office and see my boss rifling through a pile of change on her desk.  Really…you’re fine.

I am really impressed with your excellent knowledge of tools and fixing things.  WOW! Your tool kit is killer. I am sorry that you messed up the biscotti slicer more than it already was, but hey…at least you gave it your best CEO attempt. It’s ok – they can overnight more parts to us tomorrow.

Your math skills are impressive, as is your memory retention. Thank you for letting me know when I’m done talking that you need me to start again because you weren’t listening to me the first time. That feels so special…gets me every time. Every. Single. Time.

There’s so much more I could say, but I think I’ll save it for next year.  Same time. October 16th.  ‘YOUR’ day, Boss lady. Trust me…I got that memo.

With love…(no really, I mean it this time.)


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