I love the smell of sugar in the morning

If I had time to have a real, grown-up conversation with someone that didn’t involve cookies, packaging, inventory, etc., this is probably how it would go:

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Not sleeping past 2AM in a month is a slight exaggeration. Sometimes I sleep til 3AM. And it’s been more like six weeks.

I love my job. I really, really do. I love the people I work with. I love seeing boxes of goodies roll out the door, soon to be enjoyed by my customers.

I also love sleep. Sweet, elusive slumber…

Walking into the bakery in the early morning hours, turning on the lights, starting the ovens… That’s my own bit of heaven. The sweet smells of yesterday’s baking linger. The aroma makes my fatigue fade away (or maybe that’s the coffee). I tie my apron, grab a bowl and get started.

The end of this crazy season is near, and production will start winding down soon. Then, I’ll sleep. Probably.

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