Let’s Talk Chocolate

I grew up in a house where chocolate was pretty much a religion.  My father adores all things chocolate, and many of our childhood desserts reflected this love.  While other families enjoyed apple or blueberry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, we always had ours with chocolate ice cream.  Every birthday cake was my mom’s special cake:  chocolate cake from a box (no judgment) filled with one thin layer of raspberry jam, vanilla frosting/glaze just on the top and bittersweet chocolate drizzled all over.  No homemade cake deviated from this specialty of the house.  I remember when I asked my mother if I could make a cake from a recipe instead of from a box.  I watched her face as she tried to understand why I would ever want to do such a thing.  She let me do it, and of course, the cake I made was…chocolate.

We make a lot of chocolate items at babycakes: five kinds of chocolate brownies to chocolate rugelach, chocolate chunk cookies, peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies, cupcakes, chocolate pistachio biscotti, chocolate whoopie pies, etc.  There is certainly not a shortage of chocolate treats at the bakery.

Here’s my question: what bakery treat best represents chocolate, in your humble opinion?  My feeling is that all chocolate lovers will pick the brownie, but is that true?  Let me know!

And…as promised – a little chocolate present for one lucky winner!  Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into our first chocolate-lovers contest, and the winner will receive one dozen assorted brownies.  Please pass the sugar and tell your friends.  Maybe they’ll share with you if you’re lucky.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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