Merci beaucoup

Today, I’m feeling pretty grateful. For starters, I’m thankful for finally having the time to write a quick post. My lofty goals of posting daily/weekly/monthly long ago face-planted, and so it is with gratitude that I sit here, writing. I’ve written a thousand posts in my head, none of which ever came to fruition in the real world. I will start small this time, and hope I can sustain something a bit more regular than once every half year.

One of my most favorite people posted something on facebook today totally hit home, although probably not in the way it was intended to strike. This friend, by the way, has been gently nudging me to get back to my blog, so in every single way, I need to say thank you to her: D.L. – thank you for your constant support and motivation.

The post was a picture of a plaque that read: ‘behind every successful woman is…herself’. I read this post, started to comment, erased my comment and decided to use my reaction as a way to get back to my blog.

In all honesty, I couldn’t disagree more with the insinuation that each of us is entirely successful all on our own. It’s simply not possible. Don’t get me wrong – I fully grasp that many successful people, women & men, set their own goals and forge their own path toward achieving their goals. That said, none of us emerge from a vacuum, without experiences that shape us, relationships that teach us, or situations that help shape us into who we are. While I admire the Miss Piggy “umph” of this statement, what resonated the most for me was the realization of how blessed I am – truly blessed – to have the village of people surrounding me who have helped guide me, support me, pick me up when I’m at my lowest of lows, and who pull me back to Planet Reality when I have inevitably ended up wandering down the path leading toward dreamland. I would never be the person I am today, success (or lack there-of) aside, without each and every person in my life.

And so, I would like to get back to blogging by offering a heartfelt thanks to my village. My people. My children. My husband. My parents (no offense that you’re not first in line…) My friends. My co-workers. My CFO/bookkeeper/partner in crime. My brothers. My puppies, Max & Eloise. My business/media queen. My sister in Vermont. My customers. My dear friend who never orders anything on my regular menu. My friends who ‘like’ everything on my facebook page, even if they don’t. My friends who have spent hours helping me by brainstorming new ideas, cutting ribbon, bringing me coffee or diet coke, or who come to visit me at the bakery because they understand that that’s the only way they’re going to see me.

Thank you…each of you. I look forward to finding our successes TOGETHER.

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