On a brighter note…

With all that’s going on these days, we all could use an uplifting story. Here’s mine:

A text thread among friends, discussions ranging from fear for our elderly parents to endless cooking to our dogs hiding from us when they see us coming closer, leash in hand. Worry pops in and out, effortless. 

And then, something new. A text that begins with ‘Let’s start a text starting with On a brighter note…’. What follows is a steady stream of humor, joy, reflection and gratitude. 

On a brighter note, social distancing means no one can get close enough to me to notice my roots.

On a brighter note, I found more places where my label machine will be useful.

On a brighter note, having my children home means I have more time with them than ever before.

oh, and this one…

On a brighter note, my oldest turns 23 today. He’s come a long way since he entered the world a 4lb 11oz wonder. My first child. My parent’s first grandchild. Forever a trail blazer. Always a book in hand, a face quick to smile, opinions ready to flash. 

Dear one…

May you always want to learn.

May you always help those in need.

May you continue cooking, especially with friends. Chocolate mousse awaits.

May you always find a reason to say ‘On a brighter note…’




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