when I lose my footing
and discover something new 
even appalling 
in the person gazing back at me in the mirror
I pray for the strength to confront my own truth

when the realization hits
that the story I tell myself
is only part of the whole story
and I understand
with clarity
and sadness
that I can do better
I pray for my eyes to remain as open as my heart feels

when injustice exists
within reach of my fingertips
and comprehension seeps through my body
my hands involuntarily come together in prayer
my head lowers
my eyes close
my lips form prayers

may my commitment to learn 
to grasp
to change
to grieve
to engage
to evolve
remain forever a priority, non-negotiable
present and living
breathed into all I do, say, think

may judgment be replaced with listening
may anger be acknowledged
may voices be heard
may people be seen
may apologies turn from words to actions
may we work together
so that the healing can begin

may our hearts 
from seed
to bud
to brilliant 

may we never lose hope
the ability
to make a difference

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