The letter ‘p’

One early morning, the house still quiet, the sky still dark and the dogs racing around like over-caffeinated lunatics, I sat down with a cup of coffee and my laptop. My goal? Write a blog post. One thing led to another, and next thing I knew, I was deep in the land of Pinterest. Before I became depressed over my failed writing mission, I realized that everything that happened had been purposeful. And, almost everything led me to a very special letter. The letter ‘p’.

I think the letter P and I were meant to be soul mates.

P for Pastry chef.
P for Procrastination.
P for Posting.
P for Planning.
P for Potential.
P for Parenting.
P for Peace.
P for Perseverance.
P for Packaging.
P for Progress.
P for Pictures.
P for Puppies.
P for a Perfect cup of coffee.
P for Pinterest.

Before I Procrastinate any further, I would like to welcome you to follow Bisousweet on Pinterest. Just click here to see what’s percolating on our boards!


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