The Night Shift

Hello friends…it’s been a while. Writing is a funny thing. It does not like to be forced, hence my absence. Being back here now feels like coming home.

Much has changed since the last time I was here in July, some obvious to you, some behind the scenes. We have a new website, Edible Boston published this article, we’ve shifted into high gear with all things pumpkin, and we’ve started a night shift.

It’s tricky to start a second shift. It involves finding the right people and figuring out how and when to train them. I knew we were going to have to start a night shift at some point, I just didn’t anticipate it happening at this time. When the right person showed up, I had to make a decision. Should I wait until everything was ready and fully prepared, or should I wing it?

Yep. Wingin’ it. Perhaps this should be the middle name for every entrepreneur.

What this boils down to is that I’ve been working the night shift to train our newest Bisousweet Team member. I will confess that part of me was dreading the double shifts, the long days. However, in the three weeks that I’ve been coming back into the bakery at night, I’ve come to love this quiet time when I enter the bakery, tie on my apron, and quietly bake side by side with my co-worker. Together, we are going through the basics. One person learning something new, the other returning to a familiar landscape.

Like writing, this too feels like coming home.

It feels good to be back.



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