Then & Now

March 31, 2022

Hello everyone & Happy Spring! 

Is anyone else asking themselves how it’s possible that it’s almost April? I’m still getting used to writing in 2022. Time feels like it’s moving at an epic pace these days.

There is much pulling my vision ahead & behind. 

March 31st happens to be a very meaningful day to me. 

25 years ago my oldest son was born, marking my entrance into motherhood. 


8 years ago, I walked out of Bisousweet’s first commercial kitchen space in Stow for the last time and the company officially relocated to our space in Shirley.

It’s hard for me to grasp all that has transpired over the years. 

From my current vantage point, I am flooded with gratitude.

There have been so many challenging times along the way. Personally. Professionally. Parentally. There are more to come. Of this, I am certain.

What carried me through is my support system. Family, friends, co-workers, business acquaintances, neighbors. Formative friendships that happen randomly and go the distance. Early customers who remain some of Bisousweet’s best cheerleaders. So many reminders of where the company started, where it is now, and where we’re heading.

Then & now. 

In honor of all of the good in the world, I’m going to close this post with this: Things that make me want to gallop:

Let’s Do This!

Things that make me want to gallop:

Every time one of my children calls or texts.

Reducing food waste at the bakery & making weekly deliveries of odds & ends to Our Father’s Table in Fitchburg.

Happy emails from happy customers


Our fundraiser to help feed Ukrainians 

Warmer weather



Wishing everyone something joyful to reminisce about and something exciting to look forward to.

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