Life Is A Circle

Hello & Happy April! 

Fun Fact of the Day: My middle brother David always says ‘life is a circle’. This statement is then solidified with a knowing smirk, a tilt to his head, and his hands gesturing to form an awkward oval-ish shape. 

Dave’s a total character. One of a kind. Back in the day, he used to call me at work to say hi and offer me his ‘gem of the day.’ 

Be a good human.

Don’t be a dumdum.

Make decisions using DATA, Karen.

What’s our goal??? No. Surprises.

His latest gem has stuck around for a while, and I often find myself saying life is a circle while forming a perfect, crisp circle with my hands.

What Dave offers in jest is steeped in truth. The image of a circle is powerful. No beginning, no end. Just constant forward motion, around and around. While this could feel constrained or meaningless, a hamster on a wheel kind of thing, I see it as an opportunity for constant evolution. 

Another chance to do better. Try something new. Repair damage. Invite others to join us on our travels. Make our circle just a bit bigger, just a bit more inclusive.

But, as Dave would say, I’m digressing. ‘Stick to the topic. About how great Dave is.’

And, indeed, Dave really is great. He voluntarily stepped forward in 2017 to help me with Bisousweet and has stuck with it, and me, since then. He is one of the ‘behind the scenes’ members of The B Team who is helping us figure out how to keep spreading delicious sweet joy and be good humans.  

Wishing everyone a happy April. 
Dave, Mr. ‘I’m the Favorite Child’, that includes you too.



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