Because of the B-Team

In January, I received an email alerting me that Bisousweet had been nominated to receive an award.

I was shocked.


Mostly shocked.

I filled out the application, made sure all of my answers were 500 words or less, double checked everything. Said a prayer & hit ‘send’.

I’m honored to share that Bisousweet been named Massachusetts Woman Owned Business of the Year by the SBA.

Having been front and center for all of the highs and lows of the company, I had a hard time digesting the news. I had become so used to co-existing with self-doubt, I didn’t realize how much it had colored my vision.

 Running this company has pushed me far beyond anything I ever thought I could, or would, do. Every day is a test of patience, optimism, problem-solving.

Throughout it all, the one element that was always consistently present as a force of energy, support, and motivation, was The B Team, my amazing co-workers. Without question, they are the reason behind this award.

My favorite work memories circle around The B Team. The B Team is my family. I want to do well and be better for them, because they have done, and continue to do, extraordinary things for me. This company is everything because of them. This award? It’s because of The B Team.

To The B Team:

Thank you all so very much. From baking to packaging, washing dishes to planning production, designing artwork, creating posts for social media, running sales, running the office, running finance…each of you has impacted this company and me. Keep your eyes set ahead. The future is waiting for us!


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