heart  cookies
I get to decorate hearts
I get to receive really amazing emails complimenting my cookies.
chocolate shortbread cookies filled with homemade marshmallow
I have the opportunity to test new products. Can’t wait to launch these chocolate shortbread cookies filled with homemade marshmallow
Linzer Hearts
I get to share my favorite cookie with you, The Linzer Heart
Robert Kraft giving Patriot's Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets
I have the opportunity to donate to amazing causes, such as the Patriot’s Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets Donation
PMC Logo decorated cookie
And other great charitable events like the PMC’s Resolution
Candy Jars
I get to buy candy. In bulk.
bisousweet cookie image w/logo
I get to share my successes with you, such as when we changed our business name.
linzer heart misfits
And, our failures too.
The three puppies
I love sharing stories about my dogs
Karen's family
Oh, and my family too…
cookies for santa
I get to create fun pictures almost every day
I love owning my own company
I can waste time on Facebook and laugh when I see posts like this one
Bisousweet employees
I get to work with amazing people & sometimes they even let me cook lunch for them!

Finally, and most importantly…

I get to work with my parents, Joel – The Man, and Marge, Quality Control


Eddie Collins
This Guy.


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Owner, Baker,
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You know that friend who has it all together? Yeah. That’s not me. What I can offer you instead are my experiences, insights, and passions. Pithy observations about making cookies. Wry commentary on running a business. Loving (if slightly sarcastic) parenting advice. And if that doesn’t interest you, I have dogs. Cute ones.

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