a winning season


img_0451What defines success?

It’s an interesting question, one which I’m guessing people will answer in many different ways.

For some, success lies in winning the gold medal and coming out on top. It’s being chosen for the job or receiving the acceptance letter from your #1 school. It’s getting the A. For others, it’s more about the journey and less about the end result. It’s about overcoming obstacles, trying something new and rolling with it if it works, or ditching it if it doesn’t. It’s about learning, growing, and changing.

The Acton Boxborough boy’s lacrosse team’s season ended last night in the State semi-finals held at Harvard Stadium. It was a long, hard game, physically and mentally, and in the end, AB trailed by 2 goals. On paper, it’s a loss, the opposite of success according to some. However, I can’t help but feel like this game along with the rest of the season, was the definition of success.

Here’s why: It’s because every player on the team had each other’s back. They started the season as individuals and separate groups of friends, and ended the season, united. They bonded, and they supported each other, and as a result, everyone worked that much harder and played that much better day after day.


It takes just as much effort off the field as it does practicing together on the field to build a team. Each of you did what was necessary and more to bring the team this far, and no one can take that feeling away from you. That, to me, is a winning season.

Congratulations on a memorable season – I hope everyone on the team takes this sense of accomplishment with you as you move through life. Wishing all of the seniors the very best of luck next year as you pursue new ventures. You will be missed.




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