Give2: Introduction

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Sample basket of treats for winner!

Every chef loves to feed people. At Bisousweet we love making sweet treats to enjoy after, between, or instead of meals. However, we never forget that there are those who struggle daily with something many of us can only imagine.


Giving is not a new thing for us. We support our local Community Supper with regular donations & regularly give donations to a food pantry in Lowell. You’ll be hearing more about my exciting partnership with the Patriots Charitable Foundation.  We annually support local schools as well as the Acton Boxborough United Way. Giving makes us happy, and now we want to share that happiness with you.

The holiday season seems like the perfect time to introduce our new customer and community outreach program, Give2.

Every month we’ll be choosing one lucky person from our mailing list. We will Give this recipient a box of Bisousweet treats, and Bisousweet will Give a $100 donation in his or her name to the recipient’s local food bank, or to either Feeding America or The Hunger Project.

The first Give2 winner will be chosen next week.

Want in? Join our mailing list if you’re not already subscribed to it.

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