That time Karen got invited to the Superbowl (sorta)

I have something really exciting to share with you. It’s something I’ve been working on for the past 11 months, and I am still in a state of disbelief that it’s actually happening. On November 24th Bisousweet is partnering with the New England Patriots (9-0, all the way baby!!!!) in the Patriot’s annual tradition of giving out Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets to 240 families throughout Massachusetts.

I found out about the Patriot’s Charitable Foundation and the Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets last year, right after Thanksgiving. As I read the article, I knew I wanted to participate.  I reached out a year ago, continued to reach out throughout the year, and finally heard at the beginning of November that the Bisousweet donation was a go. We were going to our version of the Superbowl, with our favorite team.

boxes of cookies
Baking, packaging, tying ribbons…

We’re donating chocolate tea breads and pumpkin doughnut muffins to help make the holiday a little bit sweeter for 240 families in need.

To the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation: Thank you for all that you do for your very large, extended community. You set the standard for excellence both on & off the field.

To Robert Kraft: I would love nothing more than to give you a hug and a big box of some really good rugelach. I’ve been talking about this since, well, 2009. If you happen to run into an awkward shy person hiding a pink box behind her back, just ignore her but take the box. Trust me.  You want that box.

To the Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries of Boston: What you do for this community is truly amazing. Thank you for allowing me to join you.

To the Bisousweet Team: Thanks everyone for rallying to make this happen!



Chocolate tea breads
Chocolate tea breads ready to go!

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