Misfit Giveaway

We made 4 batches of doughnut muffins yesterday.  4 batches equals approximately 82 cases, which equals 738 containers, which equals 8,856 pieces. Excluded from this count are the misfits.  We never really know how many misfits we’re going to have at the end of a production run – it depends on a lot of different elements.  What cracks me up is that the collection of the misfits has become quite a game in the kitchen.

It seems we’re always playing games of some sort here at Bisousweet. I’m just a tad competitive and can turn anything into friendly competition, from scooping cookie dough the fastest to collecting the most misfits.  What used to be annoying reminders of unreliable machinery or an inevitable human ‘whoops’ now are treasured little trolls.

These gems are up for grabs…to enter, all you need to do is to leave a comment saying your favorite thing about our misfits.

Winner will be picked at 9am on Wednesday, July 23rd.

Let the games begin!


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