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I have a confession, one that I’m pretty sure I’ve made in the past. As much as I love to bake, I dread cooking. I really do. I am pretty much incapable of planning dinner — it’s as if that part of my brain never developed beyond ‘protein’ and ‘something green’. I own a ton of cookbooks and have plenty of pages marked of recipes that I want to make, but while the pages of my baking cook books inevitably become dirty and splattered with something, my other cook books remain pristine, untouched.

On January 1, 2016, I resolved (ish) to be a better cooker for my family. It’s a resolution I make every year, and while I often start off strong, I quickly fizzle and our fridge becomes stocked with take-out containers. This year has been different, and the main reason why is because I’ve started to open up those cookbooks, plan ahead, and get shopping/chopping.

Enter, Kitchen Outfitters, the store that will help turn the non-cooker into a cooker. Located in Acton on the corner of Rt 2A and Rt 27, Kitchen Outfitters could be my ‘Cheers‘. (They actually do know my name.)

They have everything.

KO - wooden bowl


Drinks, anyone?
Drinks, anyone?

They have pots. They have bowls. Aprons, coffee makers, Simon Pearce glassware, juicers, bar supplies, cookbooks, food coloring, grill accessories, cookie cutters, knives, thermometers, scales, pancake shapers, ice cream makers, weekend demos, Farm Shares, dish soap, crock pots, sugar cubes, etc.

KO - pots

WARNING: the selection of kitchen paraphenalia is extensive. There is no such thing as a ‘quick trip’ to Kitchen Outfitters. Plan accordingly.


What’s even more exciting is that there is a new area dedicated specifically to cooking classes. I wrote about the one class I went to earlier – check out what we did here. This class opened my eyes to new ingredients, cool must-have gadgets, time-saving tricks and crazy, delicious recipes. I learned so much that evening, and I want to encourage anyone who is either a seasoned cooker or cooking challenged like I am to check out one or more of the classes that are coming up at Kitchen Outfitters.

Want to chop vegetables like a pro? The Essential Knife Skills class taught by Catherine Walthers on May 18th is perfect.

Wish you knew how to make authentic Thai food? You can learn with Helen Chen on April 4th.

Do you love Italian food and wish you could transform your stand-by meal of spaghetti and meatballs into something a bit more healthy? Well, if you already signed up for the Nutritious Italian Cooking class with Mark Valentine, you’re all set. Otherwise, you’re out of luck because this class is already sold-out.

Wish you knew about these classes so you could sign up before they sold out? Sign up here to receive emails from Kitchen Outfitters.

These classes are the perfect gift to give yourself or someone you love. If you have any questions, talk to anyone at the store…they’re amazing and will be happy to help you.

And after you have made the most amazing dinner for your family, why not pick up some Bisousweet treats for dessert?

I have a question: have you taken a cooking class recently or in the past? What did you learn?




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